Snagit 9
Snagit 9 was just released and I have to say I really like it 🙂

As a “snagger” I’d obviously prefer to sum it up in an image (see below), but if I have to say it in 3 words i would have to say – fast, easy and slick…

I need a little more time to test all the new different functions and additions, then give you more of an in-depth Snagit 9 review at a later date, but so far I am very impressed.

Read more about the new functions below…

Snagit 9 Overview

It takes a little time to get used to the new ribbon menu, but when you do it’s easier and faster to work with.

A great improvement over older versions is that you have access to previous captures and can jump freely between them and copy and paste as you like. The annoying preview mode has also been removed, which is great.

In the image below I have pasted in Snagit inside the Snagit Editor so you get an overview of both.

Snagit 9 Overview

And what do the critics say?

“5 reasons to love the new SnagIt 9… a familiar, intuitive, and much more varnished capture utility whose image editor has finally come of age.” –Jessica Dolcourt, C|NET Download.com

“SnagIt 9 – the ribbon edition! I’ve only used it for a couple of hours but I’m already finding the most useful new feature is how it auto-saves captures and allows you to retrieve them from the…panel on the right…in a click… it greatly simplifies working on more complex composite images.” –Robin Capper, RobiNZ CAD Blog

“The new multiple image capabilities and auto-storing of captures is going to save me huge amounts of time. Now I’ll be able to take several variations of screen shots and decide later which ones works best for the final product.” –Sue Chastain, About.com Guide to Graphics Software

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I’d love to hear what you think. Please take a little time and comment below what your first impression is…