I just came from the mysterious website of cjmcqueen (the about section is empty so I don’t know who this person is, but I believe he/she is a technical writer).

She (queen) tells us that she just returned from STC, Society for Technical Communication and the SnagIt praising just had no end. She heard “I love SnagIt” more time than she could count 🙂

That’s very nice and I can only but to agree. How easy it is to use SnagIt to capture exactly what you want if you are doing a tutorial or presentation and need certain captures in an already preset mode, you can’t go wrong with SnagIt.

I will definitely return to this subject and am going to hunt down some technical writers to see why they like to use Snagit so much, how to best use SnagIt for technical writing and so on.

Until next time 😉