jinglogo.pngTechsmith has just released the Jing Project.

The Jing project is an experiment about how to share images and video online in a more fluent way. For example when you are chatting, or want to do a quick screen cast for your blog.

And it’s free…

Techsmith, the maker highly regarded Snagit Screen Capture software and Camtasia Screen Recorder software has just launched a new “project” called Jing. It’s all very web 2.0 and nice looking.

What is the Jing Project?

Here’s what Techsmith says about Jing:

The Jing Project is our journey to discover how we can improve everyday conversation. Think of all those IM chats, emails, blog posts and comments you’ve made over the years. Now imagine a more visual world where integrating screen captures and screencasts into those took nothing more than a matter of seconds. Can you imagine it? I can – I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it – it’s Jing.

Our goal is to explore this with all of you and together see how we can bridge the visual world and our daily conversations into a richer, more effective way to communicate.

And yes it’s free!

You can freely download the software from the Jing Project website. The software runs on your computer and you can grab anything you see on your screen. You can capture both images and record a part of your screen (max 5 minutes).

Here’s an overview of how Jing works


Jing = Snagit for Mac

One cool thing about Jing is that it works on both PC and Mac. This is Techsmith’s first move into the Macintosh market and I can tell you this is highly anticipated. We get people asking for Snagit for Mac almost daily.

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Disruptive Conversations

That’s all for now folks, see you soon I hope!

Peter – Your Snagit Guide 😉