Snagit TutorialSnagit Guide is proud to be one of many websites that offer Snagit tutorials. I have made an attempt to put together a list of great places where you can get great tips on how to use SnagIt as well as help and Snagit support.

This list is by no means complete and if you have suggestions to more great Snagit tutorial sites, please include these in the comments below.

Read on to find out about great Snagit Tutorial Sites…

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1) Help may be closer than you think. Just bring up Snagit on your desktop and press your [F1]-key. Up pops the Snagit help file. It covers many of the topics we get questions on a day to day basis.

2) TechSmith Forum – Excellent user-to-user forum. You can even find me here as often as I can.

3) TechSmith FAQ – Excellent FAQ where you find most the most common questions regarding Snagit.

4) SoftwareCasa Support – Excellent source for Snagit product support.

5) Snagit Guide – Not a complete guide if we didn’t mention yours truly 😉 We have a lot of plans to increase the content, especially with more Snagit tutorials and good stuff. Sign up to the newsletter and I will keep you posted.

6) Snagit Video Tutorials – Great resource with educational videos here

7) Digital Inspiration Blog – You find 10 excellent Snagit tips.

8) Homemade Tutorials – Showing many of the effects you can use in Snagit

9) Getting Started with Snagit download – This is an easy getting started guide in [pdf] format.

10) Technospot – with four video tutorials

11) Creating SnagIt Stamps in Photoshop – A detailed guide on stamps. You can also see our easy guide on Snagit Stamps.

And saving one of the best for last…

12) Betsy Weber’s Visual Lounge Blog – I met Betsy in Barcelona in October and she rocks. A must place to check out the latest news.

If you have any great Snagit resources, please share them with everyone, just comment below.

And if you just find this interesting, please do post as well 🙂 And if you find this dumb, please comment about that too.

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide