infographic-voteInfographics has been around for years, but has gained enormous interest online the last few years, as I am sure you have noticed.

Infographics help present complex information quickly and clearly. But it’s not always as easy as to just put together an infographic. To effectively communicate it needs to be professional and clear. There are artists focused on creating infographics for you, but if you don’t have a few hundred dollars to spend you won’t get far.

This is where Callouts come into scene. will create the professional graphic images you need in order to create your own stylish infographics.

But to do this right we need your input. How do you want them to look, what are you going to use them for et cetera. We will develop this set of Infographics together with you, by posting questions on this blog and collecting comments from you.

So please head over to Callouts and vote for your favorite Snagit Infographic Stamps

Until Next Time,

Peter, Your Snagit Stamps guy 🙂