Up until recently I was on the first release of Snagit 13, namely release 13.0. For some reason I had missed setting Snagit to check for upgrades. And realized that there had been a whole slew of minor tweaks and fixes added so it can be well worth your time to upgrade. I have listed the added fixes below.

To check which version you are on, open Snagit Capture (not the editor) and go to Help/About.


This will indicate which Snagit release you are using. If you are using a single-user key, it will also tell you your license key.


To set Snagit to automatically check for updates, go to File/Preferences in Snagit Capture (not the editor).

New Features/Fixes

Most of the updates relates to stability, and so if you have experienced problems, this will hopefully fix them. If you still have problems I strongly advice you to open a ticket with support to make sure your problems are addressed in future minor updates as soon as possible. Snagit support can be reached here

New improvements I am fond of are labels on the toolbar, the ability to share to twitter and I see an overall stability improvement.

25 October, 2016 Snagit 13.0.3

  • Installation process improvements, including instances where .NET needs to be updated
  • Improved detection of app windows, including Microsoft Office 2016 products
  • Fixed crash that occurred when files open in the Editor were deleted from the hard drive
  • Fixed crash that resulted when importing and using Arabic fonts Fixed issue where outputs were not installing if Snagit was running
  • Fixed instance where Editor wasn’t presenting after a capture
  • Added graphic to OneClick toggle in Capture Preferences
  • Improved process of manual Snagit key entry
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements


23 August, 2016 Snagit 13.0.2

  • Added a way for Snagit to take precedence of Print Screen and other hotkey
  • Added labels to the Editor toolbar icons
  • Added functionality to remember the last tool used when working with multiple captures
  • Added ability to set a hotkey to stop video capture
  • Fixed a crash from a conflict with third-party audio programs
  • Fixed a crash when pressing the ESC key to exit the All-in-One and video recording toolbars
  • Fixed a crash when right-clicking while editing callouts
  • Fixed an issue where the highlighter tool was obscuring content
  • Fixed an issue where Save As… preferences were not retained
  • Fixed an issue where Presets were not sharing to selected printers
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements


28 June, 2016 Snagit 13.0.1

  • Added a link to TSC Privacy Policy to About Snagit area (located in Help file menu)
  • Added ability to Share images, videos and GIFs to Twitter
  • Fixed a crash when Snagit opens on systems with Jaksta installed
  • Fixed a crash when a Video Selection capture area extends across multiple monitors
  • Fixed a crash when Snagit opens on Windows 7 N edition
  • Fixed an issue with Snagit not remembering last capture settings after shutdown
  • Fixed an issue during installation that resulted in Snagit being set as the default printer
  • Fixed an issue where exporting GIFs to Google Drive and Program outputs resulted in file being saved with incorrect extension (MP4)
  • Fixed an issue with All-in-One capture preview not showing context menus (e.g. right click menus)
  • Fixed an issue where trial users were not being routed to the correct sign-in window
  • Fixed an issue where mouse could stick on capture HUD when using webcam
  • Fixed an issue where an external webcam’s mic could not be utilized
  • Fixed an issue where AutoSave dialogue presented twice for unsaved files when closing Editor
  • Fixed an issue with Quick Styles where scrolling became stuck at the bottom of the window
  • Fixed an issue with access to Snagit when conditions arise that block access to signin.techsmith.com
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements

I hope you found this helpful.