Category: Symbols

Smiley Stamps 2

You want more? I give you more! I know you can’t get enough of them. Be fab with these 2nd collection of Smile Stamps. Don’t get bored because you will be looking good with this newer look. This pack consists of 5...

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We have plenty of Cursors Stamps for your need. You can use it for presentations, documents or even for your web page.  This collections is composed of plain white small cursor, cursor with text bubble, curses with mark, loading...

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Map Stamps

Do you need to inform someone that you are in business travel or on vacation? Or maybe you are creating a location guide? You can make it alive and interesting using these nice Map Stamps. All you need to do is click the...

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Circle Stamps

Make your presentation, email and tutorial more interesting by using our Circle Stamps. Just download and enjoy using.The pack consists of 10 stamps from 391×43 pixels and upwards. Download Circle Stamps (Windows) Download...

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Geometry Symbol Stamps

Are you a Carpenter an Engineer or an Architect or even a Student? You can try our Geometry Symbol Stamps for presentation, emails or even tutorials. The pack consists of 18 stamps from 33×48 pixels and upwards. Download...

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