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Create High-Converting Ads with Snagit

Video with Molly from DigitalMarketer showcasing how to create successful, high converting facebook ads with Snagit. Molly uses Snagit for Mac but the same applies for the PC version. Key takeaways Use screencaptures and product shots together with Snagit arrows and other stamps, callouts. For Facebook ads you need to keep the text below 20% of the total image area. Use the blur to remove elements and create interest to go on and click the ad. Add red text and elements for “pop”. I also suggest you check out SuperStamps for a lot of great content for your...

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46 Sales Presentation Tools

Docurated has put together a list of “top 46 sales presentation tools”. Tools that can help sales pros to improve their presentations. I personally use several tools on their list, but some are completely new to me. Of course we find Snagit and Camtasia in there so it must be a good list 😉 I don’t agree that these are the top tools, as some essential tools like powerpoint aren’t included, but it’s a good start. Check out the complete...

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8 Types of Images that Increase the Psychological Impact of Content

Screenshots are a great example of showing instead of telling, but there are several other types of images you can use to get your message across. And using the Snagit Editor is a great way to enhance your and work with all of these types of images. Copyblogger has a great article on 8 types of images to Increase the Psychological Impact of Content. The types are: Stock photos Screenshots Charts and graphs Personal photos Still frames from TV shows or movies Infographics Custom art Comics Check out the article here:...

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